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Rabu, 29 Juli 2015

[[Paranormal Story]] ⇉→√ Ransom by R.K. Ryals

Ransom Vengeance is the path of the Damned. It is not a path taken lightly. For a Naphil, it could mean ransoming his soul.~Bezaliel~Dayton Blainey is caught between two worlds: Heaven and Hell. Bound to a Demon she's beginning to care about, she is thrown into an adventure she may not survive. But she will try.Separated from her friends, she is forced to use powers she just disc...

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Title : Ransom
Author : R.K. Ryals
Language : English
Format : Paperback - 276 pages
Genres : Paranormal, Angels, Fantasy, Romance, Young Adult, Demons, Supernatural, Paranormal Romance, Magic
ISBN : 1475014074


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